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Who we are

Satyr Tragopan, an amazingly wonderful bird indigenous to the Himalayas, inspires our business’s name. Enigmatic, rare and refined, the bird epitomizes Bhutan, the early Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom which remains sibylline to the external world. Our company is enrolled with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and licensed by the Bhutanese authorities. Being enthusiastic about the people, wildlife, and its enormous potential, Travels & Tragopan Tours was commenced, more than a decade ago, to introduce the “hermit” Kingdom through an unforgettable sojourn of learning and discovery to foreign travellers. Be it a cultural tour, or a trek to observe a local holiday, or up into the mountains, we’ve travelled, worked, loved and experienced most of the wonders in Bhutan. With an extensive variety of excursions like culinary tour, specialized bundles like filming, bird watching, cycling, river rafting, to mention a few, we offer visits to the specific most unusual places related with the picturesque kingdom of Bhutan. Our dedication to our operations is reflected through our site. We are often dedicated to becoming the most effective information resources.

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